Voor ik vertrek naar Zuid-Korea (aah, zo spannend!), heb ik nog wat Kopenhagen-tips met jullie te delen! Zelden heb ik op reis zo lekker gegeten als tijdens mijn Kopenhagen-citytrip! Dat maakt zo’n trip gelijk nóg leuker, want I love food! En ook (juist!) als vegetariër kun je geweldig eten in Denemarken, het was in ieder geval niet moeilijk om vegetarische tentjes of vegetarische opties op het menu te vinden. Ideaal! In deze post wil ik 5 food tips uit Kopenhagen met jullie delen!

This is something I haven’t ever really mentioned on my blog before, but since I’ve been eating (a lot) healthier and I want to share my food+recipes with you guys, I think it’s about time I tell you “my story”. Let’s just get into it! ;)

For the first 14/15 years of my life I was really allergic to a lot of foods: sugar from beets, potatoes, peanuts, carrots, mushrooms, ginger, milk (from cows) and basically any veggie that grows under the ground. Quite a lot, huh? If I would eat any of the “bad stuff” I would get terrible stomach aches. Until I was about 15 I never ate anything with sugar (except sometimes cane sugar, because my stomach could handle that kind of sugar) and I was about the only kid who’d never had fries before. I basically had to bring my own food to everything. :)


Time for a visual update on my life again! Prepare for lots of food pictures ;)


  1. Made some super easy icecream from frozen bananas + a little cashewbutter.
  2. I’m becoming a green tea junkie, as well as a Gilmore Girls junkie! The both of them together… well, you can imagine that’s like heaven for me ;)


  1. Brainstorming session for my graduation project. 
  2. Salad salad salad! I blogged about this one here.


  1. Super yummy dinner, I’m getting hungry just looking at it! So so good, and really simple. I know I’m a tease, but recipe on the blog soon! (Though it’s not hard to figure out if you study the pictures ;))
  2. Frozen pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and red onion, yum. Did I ever mention how much I love red onion?


  1. Cozy time on the couch with a blanket and Gilmore Girls on my tv.
  2. Green tea time!


  1. finally got a couch!!! Yes, I’m super exciting about that, ‘cause in the 3,5 years I’ve been living by myself I never had a couch before! And it’s PINK, hello amazing couch!
  2. I love this little guy so much! How cool does my nephew look in his sweater & cap? He’s turning 3 already this June, time flies.

Bij gebrek aan nieuw fotomateriaal ga ik even een jaar terug in de tijd ;) Het leek me wel leuk om wat ‘lost & found’-foto’s uit oktober vorig jaar te posten! Totally random, maar hopelijk wel leuk!

5 oktober: combinatie van Rimmel’s Blue My Mind en Hot Summer Pink van Diamond Cosmetics.

12 oktober: a few of my favorites things! M’n neefje, nagellak, favoriete armband & tijdschriften!

16 oktober: Ik hou van dit parfum! Echt m’n all-time favoriet!