30 Day Shred

15 maart 2013

About time for a new update of my life in snapshots? I thought so! Warning: prepare for lots of healthy foods! Although, this doesn’t summarize my “diet” accurately enough – it’s merely a reflection of my healthiest choices the past weeks. I’m not saying that anything I don’t take pictures of is unhealthy, just know that I don’t always eat perfectly healthy! I’m human, after all ;)


  1. Working on my report about my internship in the library; this was my healthy snack box I brought ;)
  2. I’ve started running! I’m taking a six-week course and at the end I’ll (hopefully) be able to run for at least 20 minutes straight. You can read about my first experience at Just Keep Running, by the way!


  1. EkoPlaza, my favorite “health store” in the city. All really great healthy, biological, organic products! Too bad it’s a little expensive, so I don’t go there often. Makes going there a treat, though!
  2. Working out those legs… and taking some much needed rest after ;)


  1. Polkadotted nails, I love it!
  2. Playing dress-up ;) I have actually never worn this dress anywhere since I bought it, it’s a shame! Oh, and those are my absolute favorite high-heeled shoes, they’re the only ones I can actually walk, stand and even dance on for more than five minutes ;)


  1. I’m really into working out, can you tell? This was after I had been sick a few days, so I was proud to have completed 45 minutes :)
  2. The famous green pancakes! Recipe is here.