Project New: The first week
22 feb 2013 / New things
Sooo, the first week has passed since I started my “new things” project! I love it so far, it’s a good way to challenge myself really do something new every day. However little! Oh, I do have to mention: I’m not really set on those ‘somethings’ having to be new all the time, but they can also be things I’ve been postponing, things that really needed to be done, or something creative I wanted to do, or even something I just haven’t done in a while. It just has to be ‘new’ that day, it has to break my (boring) routine a little bit, spice up my day… get it? :) Alrighty, let’s get to the summary of that first week!

Day 2: A small, but new thing on the second day: I adapted a recipe from one of my baking books to make it much more healthy. Stay tuned for the blogpost! Day 3: The day I decided to try being a vegetarian. Yes, try. I do like the taste of meat, but I don’t like the idea of eating meat. So I’ve been weighing those two thoughts and I’ve decided hating the idea of eating animals wins from liking the taste. I want to try, because there’s already a lot I can’t/don’t eat (allergies, I’ll blog about my “diet” soon), so being a vegetarian would make eating even more complicated for me. But I want to see how it goes! Day 4: finally took the time to sort through and clean out my socks and underwear drawers. Pretty exciting, huh? Day 5: Nothing major today, but I was in bed before 11pm, which has been a rarity these days. So new enough for me! (and by the way: I had almost no trouble waking up early the next day!) Day 6: I went running for the first time in my life (if you don’t count the crappy runs I did in physical education in high school) – and, another good + surprising thing: it was at 7.30 in the morning. I’m hoping to keep up this good habit of getting up early and exercising! Day 7: Second day in a row that I got up at 7.15 in the morning! But that’s not the thing for today ;) I signed myself up for Start to Run, a six-week training for running. I start March 9th! Overall I’d say it was a very succesful first week of new things. It makes me challenge myself more, and that’s a very good thing. I wonder what the coming weeks will bring :)



12 reacties op “Project New: The first week”

  1. Froukelien schreef:

    Wauw, goed bezig! Echt een leuk projectje om de ‘sleur’ te doorbreken!

  2. Wendy schreef:

    Wat een leuk idee en het gaat zo te zien hartstikke goed. Leuk en inspirerend logje zo. :)

  3. Rebecca schreef:

    Keep on going :) And good luck with the Vegetarian part ;) I am a Vegetarian myself, but I have to admit that sometimes it can get tough to find food to eat (especially abroad or in some restaurants…) Good luck :)

  4. Masha schreef:

    Een inspirerend project volgens mij! Dat Start to Run lijkt me echt heel gaaf om te doen ;)

  5. Indira schreef:

    Wat goed dat je bent begonnen met hardlopen! Ik heb het ook met Start To Run gedaan, maar dan bedoel ik de Podcast op mijn iPod… Werkte voor mij perfect!
    Succes ook met je dieet, vooral nu je ook gaat hardlopen…?

  6. Martina schreef:

    Sokken uitzoeken, waardeloos werkje wat er bij mij nooit van komt…:)

  7. Josianne schreef:

    Wat een goed project, leuk om zo uit de ‘sleur’ te komen en allerlei nieuwe dingen te proberen!

  8. Daniëlle schreef:

    Wat leuk dat je begint met hardlopen :) Ik moet het ook echt weer oppakken, nu al twee weken niet meer geweest…

  9. Yasmin schreef:

    Wat een leuk project!

  10. Annouska schreef:

    Wat een bijzondere en leuke opdracht. Ik ben benieuw naar je komende blogjes :D

  11. Charlotte schreef:

    Superleuk idee!
    Mooie foto van jou <3

  12. […] made this dish before I decided that I wanted to become a vegetarian (see here), so that’s why there is meat in there. Just a heads up ;) This is actually one of my […]

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