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22 februari 2013
Sooo, the first week has passed since I started my “new things” project! I love it so far, it’s a good way to challenge myself really do something new every day. However little! Oh, I do have to mention: I’m not really set on those ‘somethings’ having to be new all the time, but they can also be things I’ve been postponing, things that really needed to be done, or something creative I wanted to do, or even something I just haven’t done in a while. It just has to be ‘new’ that day, it has to break my (boring) routine a little bit, spice up my day… get it? :) Alrighty, let’s get to the summary of that first week!

15 februari 2013
I’m not sure about the name 365 Days of New Things yet, but I will decide later ;) The important thing here is the fact that I am starting a new “365 days” project. It’s based on something I read in a magazine, about people starting these year-long projects where they choose something that they’ll do every day for a year. I say mine is based on it, because I won’t choose just one thing… my project is about doing something new every day. However little this something new might be! And of course I’ll blog about these (little) things. My goal is to get creative, to learn more about myself (and what I like or do not like) and to maybe even overcome some of my stupid (little) fears ;)

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