Weekend on Bonaire

Even though it was already two weeks ago (where does the time go?), I absolutely didn’t forget about sharing some of the pictures I took on my trip to Bonaire!

We left really early on saturday morning (around 5:30 in the morning), because our flight was supposed to go at 7am. Unfortunately it was delayed, so it took longer than expected to get to Bonaire. Not that it was such a long flight, we were only in the air for fifteen minutes ;) I did feel a little scared to be on a plane again, actually! Anyway, on the first day we rented our scooters, did some groceries, toured around the island for a few hours, went out for dinner & had a fun girls’ night in, talking and drinking wine. Here are some of the pictures I took! (and others took of me!)



In the picture: Lac Bay x 3 / The salt pans of Bonaire / Lac Bay again / Little houses that slaves used to live in… / Beautiful views at our apartment


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