I love grocery shopping

One “chore” that I really love to do is shopping for my (semi-)weekly groceries! For me it’s more of a fun trip than something I “have” to do. I like making lists and I like (roughly) planning what I’m going to eat – even though it sometimes takes a lot of thought -, it’s just exciting to think of all the healthy options that are out there! So I decided I wanted to show you what I buy on an average shopping trip. It varies every week, but this is basically what I always have at home.



First of all, I like to have an assortment of veggies on hand. My staples are spinach, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper cucumber. This time I also got little carrots (as a snack!), tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli (fave!) and a lettuce mix. As for fruits: my tiny tiny freezer is always full of different frozen fruits: blueberries, raspberries (which I needed to stock again this week), cherries, mango, blackberries. Next to frozen goods, I like to have apples, avocados (I recently rediscovered my love for these), dates and oranges – to make fresh juice.

More staples for me are eggs (I almost always eat them for lunch!), oatmeal & chicken. Oh, and you can barely see it on the pictures, but I usually also have canned tuna on hand! Some other things I always get are quinoa, Greek yoghurt, any nut butter (except for peanut), almond milk, mixed nuts (without peanuts) and sweeteners like maple syrup or date syrup.

So that was a little insight in what’s going on in my kitchen and on my trips to the supermarket ;)

What are your staples when it comes to food?



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