22 november 2012
I might have used up all my courage for a week (seriously, you don’t wanna know how long I hovered over the ‘Publish’ button), but I finally decided to start writing my blog in English! This decision is based purely on the fact that I love writing in English, and this is a perfect way to practice more and improve my skill. A nice side effect is of course that (most) international readers and visitors will now be able to understand whatever I am writing. I hope none of you Dutch readers will stop visiting because of the language switch! In the end, it’s something I am doing for myself. I’ve actually been wanting to make the switch for some time now, but something always held me back… the thought of what people might think. Will they hate it? Will they stop visiting my blog because of it? Will they think my English is too bad to be writing in English at all? This – and more – has crossed my mind over and over again. But then I thought: why not? It is my blog after all, and it is something I really want. It’s not as if I don’t care about my readers (of course I do!), but I hope you understand my reasons for this change :) Tomorrow I’ll be back to my regular blogging, this was just a little announcement I thought was necessary :)