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I normally don’t like to do tags, but I found this one to be very fun to read on blogs… so I decided to fill it in myself and share it with you :) So here you go: get to know me better! Year of birth: 1990. How tall are you? Around 168cm, don’t know the exact number though! What did you think when you woke up this morning? When my alarm went of: “Already? Nooo!” Where are you at this moment? In my living room, at the table. Single/relationship? Single. Give a short description of yourself: Creative, caring, sensitive, dreamer.

Guy crush/girl crush: I’ll always love Johnny Depp. Other guy crushes are Ryan Gosling, Kid Cudi, Channing Tatum… and secretly so much more ;) Girl crush is Zooey Deschanel. What do you really want right now? An actual couch in my living room so I can lay down on it and watch my Gilmore Girls dvds. What is your goal in life? To be happy & healthy & fit, and to remain that way for the rest of my life. A little more concrete: I want to discover everything that makes me happy. What are you afraid of? Even after overcoming that fear on Curaçao, I’m still a bit afraid of swimming underwater. And I’m afraid of public speaking. Do you have your driver’s licence? No. I hope to get it this year! Nail polish or lipstick? No question: nail polish.
What’s your favorite season of the year? In Holland: I love the Spring. Flowers appearing everywhere, the sun coming out, a nice mild temperature. But outside of Holland (the – warm – summers have this sticky pressing kind of heat that I don’t like), I would go for summer. Do I even have to add? Summer on Curaçao, of course. Do you ever want to get married? I never really thought about this. I guess I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that I would eventually get married. I do want to, when I find the right guy :) Are you a health freak? I wouldn’t say freak but a healthy lifestyle is something that interests me a lot and it’s what I’m trying to live. What color is your hair/what length does it have? I would say my hair is medium long, and my hair color is dark brown. Which clothing or make up item do you really want? Honestly? None right now. Can’t handle any more stuff, I have too much already! Do you have tattoos or piercings? No… not yet.
Do you wear glasses? Nope. What’s your perfect pizza? Ha, what a question. The perfect pizza has a crunchy crust, and it has lots of cheese(s) on it. What is your favorite food and drink? Favorite food… anything with salmon. Or a perfect pizza ;) Favorite drink (right now) is green tea. But I secretly adore the peach + apple version of Dubbelfrisss. What is your favorite perfume? Miss Dior Chérie L’eau. What is the last thing you bought? Groceries: fruits, cheese, meat, bread, pizza, tortilla chips. What were you doing at 8am this morning? Being woken up by my alarm and snoozing.
Favorite ice cream? I’m not really an ice cream person… but I do love lemon, cherry or pistachio flavored ice cream! Do you sleep a lot or do you get up early? For the past few months I got up early every day & loved it, but since my stupid jet lag is still bothering me (why?!) I’ve been sleeping in too much. What are your plans for 2013? Graduating college, getting healthy & fit, finding a great job and overall just being (even) more positive. How many pillows do you sleep on? One. Are you a morning or an evening person? I usually get more active in the evening, but it makes me feel better to get up early and go to bed on time. Guess I’m more of an evening person but striving to be a morning person ;) Are you organised or messy? I can be very messy, but I am an organised person. Who do you really want to see at this moment? Friends from Curaçao.
What do you expect to have accomplished 10 years from now? Wow, such a big question! I want to have found a job that I really love, I want to have seen a lot more of the world than I have now, I want to have been to Curaçao at least once more, and I’d love to have found the right guy for me. Who do you miss right now? A few different people. What’s your favorite body part? I like my lips and my nails. Are you shy? Yes. I used to hate this about myself, but I’ve learned to accept that it’s a part of me. I’m not always shy, though. Do you have an accent? I don’t think so! Do you have sisters or brothers? I have a sister, she’s 20 years old. What does an average day look like for you? For the past two weeks: getting up a little later than planned, making & eating breakfast, maybe taking some pictures, watch a few episodes of a tv show, unpack a box or two, clean up the kitchen, go grocery shopping, visit my parents, studying for my exam, eating, watching some more episodes of a tv show. Kind of like this ;) I have to say: now that I’m back in Holland I don’t really have an average day, each day is different. :) Wow – that was a long one! Hope you got through it without falling asleep… just kidding! Anyway, it was fun to answer these questions. If you’d like to answer these questions too (in English), feel free to copy!




15 reacties op “Tag: Get to know me better”

  1. Marlies schreef:

    Leuke tag! Ik viel niet in slaap hoor, vond het leuk om te lezen en je weer wat beter te leren kennen! Veel succes met afstuderen en je andere plannen voor dit jaar :)

  2. Josianne schreef:

    Die foto met de dolfijnen is echt heel cool! Wat ontzettend gaaf dat je dat mee hebt mogen maken. Heel veel succes met afstuderen, ik doe met je mee :)

  3. Laura schreef:

    Inderdaad een hele leuke tag om te lezen :) Je hebt ook mooie foto’s gebruikt :D Zeker die pannenkoekjes.. yumm

  4. Claudia schreef:

    Haha, I can imagine, after living ‘out of your suitcase’ for a couple of months and having to move to a new place makes you not want more stuff anymore (and maybe even get rid of some things you have) xD But how can you not be an ice cream person though!?

  5. Anja schreef:

    Leuke vragen! En leuke antwoorden natuurlijk haha

  6. Suzanne schreef:

    Leuke tag, vind het altijd erg leuk om te lezen.

  7. Sabine schreef:

    Hele leuke tag inderdaad! En hey, we sharen een girl crush. ;) Ik neem de tag over denk ik.

  8. Petra schreef:

    Leuk! Ik neem ‘m denk ik over. Ik zal ‘m in ieder geval invullen en dan zet ik ‘m misschien ooit wel online, haha.

  9. Marjolein schreef:

    Hele leuke tag! Misschien dat ik `m ook even pik van je ;-). Mooie fotos heb je erbij geplaatst.

  10. Olga schreef:

    Wat heb je toch een mooie foto’s gemaakt tijdens je uitwisseling :)

  11. Masha schreef:

    Leuk om te lezen en prachtige foto’s!

  12. annouska schreef:

    Leuke tag, ik heb hem ook eens gebruikt om hem eens een blik in mijn leven te geven. Het is alleen te veel om nu persoonlijk overal op in te gaan, maar heel veel dingen wist ik nog niet; super leuk om dus te lezen!

  13. Shelly schreef:

    Leuk om te lezen, die foto van die dolfijnen ziet er echt cool uit! =O

  14. Charlotte schreef:

    Superleuke tag”!
    Mooie foto´s.
    Ik vind je layout ook erg tof!

  15. Jorien schreef:

    Wat een gave foto’s maak jij toch. Love it! En leuk om je wat beter te leren kennen :D

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