Something I never had
17 mei 2010 / Persoonlijk
Een schrijfsel. Gewoon. Zomaar. (Een beetje) fictie. “Have you ever felt as if you lost something? Something you never had? That’s how I feel sometimes. I feel as if I lost you. Even though I never actually had you. I always thought we could be something. But nothing ever happened. Was I wrong? Was there absolutely nothing going on between us? Was I the only one who felt it? No, I don’t believe that. I’m sure you felt something too. But nothing happened. Why? I guess I realized too late that I liked you. That I liked you more than I thought I did. It took me some time to admit it to myself. And now it is too late. (Is it?) Now you’re out of my life. It really feels like I lost you. We don’t ever see each other anymore, we don’t talk anymore. It’s been so long since I last saw you or spoke to you. Still I keep thinking about you. About what could have been. I never had you. And I guess I never will. Why do I feel like I lost you?” In other news: ik ga (heel origineel, I know) mijn 365-dagen project bijhouden op Tumblr, hierzo.



2 reacties op “Something I never had”

  1. roos schreef:

    Vind het heel mooi geschreven!

  2. Joya schreef:

    Wauw, heel erg mooi geschreven. (:

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