Nails of the week
17 feb 2013 / Nagellak
Yes, you’ve read that right: of the week. Ever since living on Curaçao – where I only had a very small selection of nail polishes – I don’t actually do my nails that often anymore. Can you believe it? Of course I still love nail polish – still refuse to go out the door without it -, it’s just less on my mind I guess ;) So my “nails of the day” became “nails of the week”. And so far my manicures seem to last at least a week without starting to look terrible, so that’s good! Anyhow, the chosen color of this week is one of my favorites: Navy by Barry M. For me, it’s a timeless color. Love it, especially with shorter nails!


So this one’s from Barry M, I’m not sure if it’s available at any stores in Holland, but I know they have a webshop and I saw that Navy is still to be found there ;) The quality of these polishes are perfectly fine, not spectacular, but good enough! And I make my manicure last with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat ;)

So how do you guys feel about blue metallic nails?



15 reacties op “Nails of the week”

  1. Mylène schreef:

    Ik vind dit kleurtje echt heel erg tof! Ik wil hem ook, haha.

  2. Jessica schreef:

    Wauw hele mooie kleur!

  3. Sas schreef:

    Mooi kleurtje :)

  4. Anja schreef:

    Erg mooie kleur!

  5. Suzanne schreef:

    Prachtige kleur! Echt heel erg mooi.

  6. Ise schreef:

    Mooie kleur! Ik wou dat ik mijn nagels zo mooi kon lakken, haha!

  7. Jolien schreef:

    Supermooie kleur!

  8. Shanti schreef:

    Wat een mooie kleur!

  9. Olga schreef:

    Op hoeveel nagellak zit je nu? ;)

  10. Shelly schreef:

    Ik probeer al een tijdje zo’n blauwe kleur te vinden, hij ziet er echt mooi uit!

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