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22 mei 2013 / Dagelijks leven

Inspired by reading my (very) old blogposts, I decided to get a teeny bit more personal today! No more stories about school, exams, presentations and grades I got, but just a little bit about my day :) I went to the chiropractor this morning (I’ve had this annoying painful spot in back for a while now, but it’s finally getting better!), wore my favorite comfy outfit & my most awesome earrings, went superfood shopping, spotted a big fire truck with my almost-3-year-old nephew and worked on my gradution project. Oh, and I started watching a new show: Drop Dead Diva. Kinda weird, but I like it so far. Here is today in a few (fashion) pictures:


I wore my hair in two braids today. Oh, and I did put on some more warm clothes when I went outside, which was very necessary today unfortunately!



I wore my favorite comfortable leopard print pants! I love these so much, I bought them on Curaçao, so besides being comfy they also remind me of my time there!


More leopard stuff ;) I think these earrings are so awesome, I don’t wear them enough!


Stranger Tides by OPI on my nails!


I had this for lunch, this bread is so gooood! I had it with cucumber, smoked salmon and a little mayo. Yum.


I almost ran out of chia seeds, so had to get new ones. I always have about a tablespoon in my oatmeal!

I like doing this kind of posts – I did “Details of the day” posts before, but the most recent is from over two years ago ;) Anyway, I’m off to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and then I’m going to watch The Holiday on tv.

How was your day today?



13 reacties op “Details of the day”

  1. Jessy schreef:

    Mmm the sandwich looks so delicious! Haven’t had smoked for ages haha. Love your printed pants ^^!

  2. Indira schreef:

    Leuke broek!!

  3. Josianne schreef:

    Die broek is leuk! Waar heb je trouwens de chia zaadjes gekocht?

  4. Anne schreef:

    Hele toffe outfit! En wat zijn je foto’s weer mooi. Wauw!

  5. Suzanne schreef:

    Wat een leuke outfit! Die broek is erg leuk.

  6. Wendy schreef:

    Erg leuk stukje. :) Je oorbellen zijn inderdaad erg leuk.

  7. Joyce schreef:

    Enig artikeltje! ;D

  8. Martina schreef:

    Snap dat je veel goede herinneringen hebt aan je broek, leuk is dat! Je lunch ziet er ook goed uit!

  9. Kimberly schreef:

    Je oorbellen vind ik echt heel erg leuk!

  10. Anja schreef:

    Ik vind dit soort post echt heel leuk om te lezen! Die lunch ziet er goed uit!

  11. Carola schreef:

    Wat een leuk artikel! Die broek staat je leuk!

  12. Liselot schreef:

    Oh, die oorbellen zijn echt heel mooi!

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