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The time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful island. My five months here are over already, I can’t believe it. It has been such an amazing experience. There were a few bumps in the road, a few downs to balance out all the ups, but those things were also a part of the whole experience. Where there’s light there are shadows, right? I have met a lot of great people, made new friends, had the best internship and did so many awesome things. I got to live my life on Curaçao, wow. I have learned so much here, about so much! No one can ever take this away from me. I truly leave behind a piece of my heart. Goodbye, Curaçao ♥ (for now)






I renamed this type of blogpost (again), because I feel these snapshot don’t necessarily need to be Instagram snapshots :) (Even though these are all from Instagram) Anyway, the last time I gave you a peek into my life was in November… so here’s a brand new snapshot post!


  1. Finally I made some time to watch the newest episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It’s one of my favorite shows, it always makes me laugh!
  2. Beautiful view on our way back from the Tug Boat (a boat that sunk & one you can swim to and see while snorkeling – pretty cool to see).


  1. Yay, a salad! Ingredients: lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, green paprika, pumpkin seeds & a little bit of mayonnaise and lemon juice.
  2. Finally, I took the time to clean my closet! Unfortunately it’s become a big mess again already, shhh.


  1. Two absolutely gorgeous skies! Don’t you just love it when you can actually see the sunbeams like this?

Something I almost never do, is taking pictures of people. Okay, that is actually not true… I do it all the time at my internship. But that’s different! I almost never do it in my spare time. I guess I always think I’m no good at it, and that the people I shoot won’t be happy with the results. Despite of those fears, I would like to do photoshoots with people more often. So last week I went outside for a walk & a photoshoot with my friend Wendy. I got to be the model too, she took some pictures of me ;) Here are some of the results I’m actually quite happy with.


Hi there!

Ik ben Alyssa; hobbyfotograaf, blogger, eindredacteur pur sang, (vegan) food lover en altijd naar muziek aan het luisteren. Welkom op mijn blog, een verzameling van alles waar ik van hou.
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