2013, here we are!

First of all: Happy New Year! I know I’m a few days late, but hey, it’s still the beginning of the year right? Hope your New Year’s Eve was fabulous! Mine was! Celebrating New Year’s outside in just a dress (no coat, no leggings…), with new friends, on Curaçao… it was really, really great. Last year I would have never thought that this would be the way I’d enter the new year!


So, with the new year come the inevitable new year’s resolutions. Whether you have them or not, you can’t avoid reading or hearing about them (“So, what are your resolutions this year?”). I do have some things that I want in 2013. Not necessarily new things for the new year, but things I’m reminding myself of now that the new year is here. I wanted to sum up some of my things :)

I want to stop eating sugar (again). Living on Curaçao, it was easier not to be on any sort of “diet” (and maybe it was a little bit of laziness), but when I get home I want to return to the healthy lifestyle I had before I left :) I don’t regret the way I lived here, but I know I will feel better once I eat healthier. Which means: no sugar, caffeine and soda. And also, I will go back to exercising, and make it even more regular.

I have a few concrete goals I want to accomplish in the coming twelve months: I will graduate college, I will get my driver’s license, I will travel to London again and I will continue blogging happily. Oh, and I will complete a new project 365! Next to these things I also have two more abstract “resolutions”: I want to get to know myself (even) better & most of all: I want to be happy.

So how about you? What do you want from 2013?


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