21 februari 2013

Time for a visual update on my life again! Prepare for lots of food pictures ;)


  1. Made some super easy icecream from frozen bananas + a little cashewbutter.
  2. I’m becoming a green tea junkie, as well as a Gilmore Girls junkie! The both of them together… well, you can imagine that’s like heaven for me ;)


  1. Brainstorming session for my graduation project. 
  2. Salad salad salad! I blogged about this one here.


  1. Super yummy dinner, I’m getting hungry just looking at it! So so good, and really simple. I know I’m a tease, but recipe on the blog soon! (Though it’s not hard to figure out if you study the pictures ;))
  2. Frozen pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and red onion, yum. Did I ever mention how much I love red onion?


  1. Cozy time on the couch with a blanket and Gilmore Girls on my tv.
  2. Green tea time!


  1. finally got a couch!!! Yes, I’m super exciting about that, ‘cause in the 3,5 years I’ve been living by myself I never had a couch before! And it’s PINK, hello amazing couch!
  2. I love this little guy so much! How cool does my nephew look in his sweater & cap? He’s turning 3 already this June, time flies.