This was 2012
27 dec 2012 / Dagelijks leven
Wow, almost time for 2013 already! I know I’ve said it a hundred times before, but it’s still true: time flies! Can’t believe how fast it goes sometimes. I’m sure you all can relate to that! As the new year is coming soon, I wanted to look back on the year I’ve had and do a little summary, in both words and pictures!
In January I rang in the new year with good friends, went to Berlin for a few days to kick off my minor at school (learning about graphic design, art direction, photography!) & started in my Q&A a day diary.
February was a very busy, a very cold & a very snowy month. I had to do a lot of school work – which also involved taking a lot of pictures, went to Antwerp for a few days, did a day trip to Amsterdam with my mom to take pictures & decided I wanted to be healthier and change my diet.
In March I stopped eating sugar, did a lot of fun school assignments (made an inspiration book and a nail polish box) & I baked a cake (which failed terribly – too bad) for my 22nd birthday on the 20th.
In April I was still eating much healthier, I discovered my love for baking things, I tried out HDR photography, celebrated Queen’s Day, sorted out my nail polishes and put on pink lipstick to celebrate my birthday with friends.

I baked, baked and baked some more in May. I went to the Keukenhof with my mom to photograph all the pretty flowers, I read a lot of books, got my iPhone 4S, worked on my Little Blue Car project, did a photoshoot for school & I started looking for internships (in Holland).
In June I had my first interview for an internship, had my first experience with heartbreak, finished my minor at school, decided to live even more healthy & made the decision to get away and do an internship abroad.
July revolved around preparations for my big adventure in Curaçao. I went on vacation for just a few days with my family, I started doing workouts, made some good food & I went to London for three days with my best friend.
In August I did even more workouts, even more preparations and paperwork for Curaçao, did a photoshoot with my aunt at a beautiful garden and I got on a plane to Curacao to live there for five months!
In September I started my internship at the Dolphin Academy Curacao, got used to the warm weather and the 40-hour work week, went almost 200 meters under water with a submarine & I never went to more parties in one month in my life.
In October I went through a rough patch, wanted to go home but didn’t want to give up. In the same month I decided to look at the bright side of life and simply enjoy my time on the island. I went to Westpunt for the first time, enjoyed myself at my internship & ate some good food.
I think November was the best month yet. A lot of fun days at my internship, a lot of fun nights out or at home. Only bad thing was spraining my ankle & having to stay home for a few days. I visited a lot of beautiful beaches, got a kiss from a dolphin (her name’s Tela) & overall I had a really positive outlook on life.
In december I went out for dinner a lot, saw Christmas appearing all around me, went on a weekend trip to Bonaire and entered my very last month on beautiful Curaçao. Overall, 2012 has been a very exciting year! Lots of firsts, lots of changes. Some sadness, but much more happiness. 2012 has taken me places I never thought I’d go. I’m excited to see what 2013 has got in store for me! How has your year been?



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