Zo schrijf ik me in voor de halve marathon, zo zit ik alweer in mijn derde trainingsweek van mijn schema. Dat gaat hard! Over 2,5 maand is het al zover: dan ga ik toch echt die 21,1 km lopen (& rocken) in Eindhoven! (Een stad waar ik zelfs nog nooit ben geweest, sshhh) Ik vind het nog steeds superspannend, maar ik geniet ook echt van het trainen! Hoe mijn eerste twee trainingsweken eruit zagen zie je hier.

Already a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to start running. But after making that decision, I didn’t do that much actual running ;) In fact: I only went once (about two weeks ago) just to see how I would like it. But then I decided that if I really wanted to this, I should be taking action! That’s when I came across Start to Run, which is a 6-week course for beginning runners you can sign up for – which I did! Then this past week I finally went shopping for running shoes… I got very lucky: I found the perfect pair for a perfect price in the first store I went to. Good start! These are the shoes: