Life List: 25 before 25

I am one of those people who loves lists. I love to make them (on paper, of course) and love to cross things off of those lists. Isn’t that the best feeling, crossing something off your to do list? Well, I like that feeling. Sometimes – after I finish something – I wish I had put it on a list, just so I could cross it off.

A kind of list I come across quite often (on blogs, in particular) is a kind of bucket list*: things they want to do or accomplish before they turn a certain age. Me, as a list lover, passing up on the chance of writing up a list? Never. Certainly not when it gets me to think about my life, about what I want from it. That gets me to the point: I made a list of 25 things I’d like to do before I turn 25 (which means I will have 2,5 years to cross out my entire list). If you like, you can read the complete list here, but for this blogpost I picked out 3 items to zoom in on.

Travel alone


I never thought of myself as a traveler. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I haven’t traveled that much (yet!) in my life. But I recently discovered my love for traveling. It all started with my decision to move to the other side of the world for 5 months, to trade in Holland for tropical Curacao. Before actually leaving, I traveled to London. First time on a plane, first time in the city. All super exciting and something I want more of! And to make things even more exciting, I really want to travel by myself. Discover a new city/country all by myself, having to figure it out all alone. I think that would be good for me.

Change to a (permanent) healthy lifestyle


I was so close to the permanent change a few months back! But then I flew to Curacao and everything changed. I stopped working out, I discovered that easy food is the way to go here (you’d have to see the kitchen at my house here to believe that cooking awesome meals is not that awesome to do), and healthy food (especially sugarfree) is kind of expensive. And I am on a budget here. I know, they all sound a lot like excuses but they’re true! But I know I could be living healthier here & that is exactly what I’ve started to do a few weeks ago. And on top of that: I started doing my workouts (more on that another time!) again last week. So the first step towards changing my lifestyle (again) has been made: go me! And I am 100% convinced that once I’m back in Holland, getting that permanent healthy lifestyle will be easy. Because it is something I really, really want.

Have my own little apartment


Which is actually something I can already cross off my list! Yes, you read that right! Even though right now I’m on Curacao, I (by which I actually mean my mom) never stopped looking for apartments in Holland. In November I got lucky: I was #1 for a cute little apartment in my favorite city! While I’m still here my parents are going to move in all my stuff (thank you thank you), when I get back I will put everything together, unpack and start decorating! Can’t wait! But for now, Curacao is still working for me ;)

How about you, do you like lists? Do you have one like this for yourself?


* a list of things you want to do/see/make/etc. before you die.

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