Collection: iPhone cases
24 mei 2013 / Gadgets, Shoppen

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a collector… at least when it comes to certain things! Nail polish, notebooks, magazines, books, just to name a few. What I also love to collect are iPhone cases, there are just so many fun ones out there! I haven’t showed you my case collection since I still had my old iPhone… so it was about time I put up a post about all my new cases! Here we go!



My favorite right now is the colorful one with the owl, it makes me happy just looking at it! I’ve also been rocking my Minnie Mouse case a lot lately, I just think it’s so fun. Oh btw – two cases are actually missing in this picture, how’d that happen?! I also have a super thin matt transparent case and a bright orange silicon case, which I totally forgot about!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have cases for your phone?



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