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22 mrt 2013 / Boeken

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell is by far the best book I have read in a long time. I (still) can’t get over how well-written and deliciously complicated this book is. Since I loved this book so much, I decided to share my love and write down my thoughts & praise for this amazing book. Hopefully I can do this masterpiece justice and get all of you guys to read it too!

Cloud Atlas is a journey, an adventure. It’s a composition of six different stories that take place in different times, varying from early 19th century to waaaay in the future. Already sounds interesting, right? I have to admit, I am not able to give you a summary of the book that would do its complexity and beauty justice – it’s something you have to find out while reading. There is no easy way of telling someone what Cloud Atlas is about, let’s put it that way. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you more about it! Keep reading :)

To me, Cloud Atlas has several “themes” that all the stories revolve around: humanity, civilization and belief. These so-called themes flow through all six stories, connecting them. I felt like the significance of these themes builds up from the beginning, until it comes to a “boiling point”, from where the writer takes us back to the beginning again. The book takes you on a journey through time and space – shows you how we humans lived in the past, how we live now & what life could be like centuries from now. All six points of view throughout the book are connected in the slightest, simplest and most surprising ways. In fact, the whole book is anything but predictable. It surprised me at every turn of a page. That is why I keep calling this book mindblowing and why I think Mr. Mitchell is an absolute genius.


Cloud Atlas is shocking, heartbreaking, it makes you smile, it makes you nod your head and go like “YES! That’s exactly how it is!”, it makes you shake your head and say “why?!” – and most of all, it makes you think. About life, about believing (or not), about the universe, the world, about what everything is all about. It has certainly made me think. It still makes me think! You might wonder – isn’t there anything less positive you have to say about Cloud Atlas? Well, the only thing that comes to mind is that, when you start reading, you have absolutely no clue what the hell the book is about (why am I reading about this? what does this have to do with anything?). You just have to read on, the book will develop itself! And I promise you: in the end everything makes perfect sense! Now, to wrap this post up, some of my favorite quotes from Cloud Atlas; ones that really make me think:


Have you read Cloud Atlas? If so, what did you think? If not, would you read it? Now excuse me while I go watch Cloud Atlas, the movie… ;)



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